Sinclair X-1
  • The X-1 electric vehicle can drive 10 miles for just 0.10p (based on an average weight passenger using pedal assistance)
  • It requires no fuel, just a lightweight rechargeable battery pack (24v Lithium Polymer pack supplied, secondary pack available as an option at extra cost of 50)
  • A super efficient MCR pancake motor is linked to rear wheel by fixed gear drive chain (motor rated at 190 watts, wheel size: 16")
  • Front and rear disc brakes provide 100% stopping power
  • Adjustable suede covered handlebars to suit any position
  • Waterproof Acrylic bubble protects driver and includes integral roll cage frame bonded to monocoque chassis
  • Reclining nylon seat - highly comfortable on long or short journeys.
  • Superlight construction using carbon fibre lower shell and steel chassis (weight: 30 kilos)
  • Requires no driving license, insurance or road tax to be road legal (insurance recommended, subject to territory)
  • Strong visibility to other road users such as cars and lorries (built in front and rear lights aid visibility)
  • Can be driven in UK by anyone over age of 14 (including on cycle paths)
  • X-1 dimensions: 209x140x69cm
  • From RSP £595
  • If you live in UK and work in the UK you may qualify to purchase the X-1 with a price reduction of up to 50% via Government run, cycle to work scheme